Mary Lou Wyborny

Mary Lou Wyborny Mary Lou Wyborny is a supervisor with the Mason City Recreation Dept. before and after school program. Her split shift work day leaves the middle of the day open for her to volunteer with the Mason City Youth Task Force.

She has volunteered as a mentor for more than four years and has helped with other projects for more than three years. She has volunteered well over 100 hours in the past year.

Mary Lou wants to make a difference for kids and families in our community and encourage others to do the same. She enjoys the one on one interaction with her mentee and the people she meets through her communication outreach work for the Mason City Youth Task Force.

She believes relationships are key to change and that her one on one time with her mentee and community contacts are the best way to mobilize the community to make a difference in the lives of children.

She encourages others in her church and social circle to step forward and make a difference in the community. She made a list of community locations (banks/businesses, churches, etc.) to share mentoring and other information; organized them into routes; and personally visited each location to share information and leave printed material with them this past year.

“Mary Lou is a versatile volunteer who looks for ways to make things better. No job is too big or too small- whether it is baking bars to feed over 100 people at a training event; spending time with her mentee; mailing a newsletter; or talking to others about getting involved,” said Mary Schissel with the Mason City Youth Task Force.