Mason City Volunteer Center Partnerships

The Mason City Volunteer Center recognizes that non-profits have a strong presence in our community. In order to best promote the well-being of the community, while supporting the work of a non-profit’s volunteer needs, the Mason City Volunteer Center will increase the number of successful volunteer placements and promote volunteer opportunities by emphasizing skill- and purpose-based matches through a volunteer application process and assisting cultivation of volunteers for non-profits and in our community.

Gifts and Skills

By seeking volunteer opportunities that play to their gifts and passions, individuals are more likely to find purpose and fulfillment in their involvement, increasing the likelihood that they will continue volunteering on a long-term basis. Listed below are the six gift categories:

  • Realistic: These individuals enjoy working in hands-on situations. They prefer to produce useful things and perform best in structured environments.
  • Conventional: These individuals enjoy carrying out plans and details. They prefer to produce clearly defined task results and perform best in orderly, efficient environments.
  • Artistic: These individuals enjoy creating. They prefer to produce original work and perform best in unstructured environments.
  • Investigative: These individuals enjoy researching and analyzing things in depth. They prefer to produce solutions rather than implement solutions and perform best in problem-solving environments.
  • Enterprising: These individuals enjoy managing enterprises. They prefer to produce bottom-line results or organization goals and perform best in competitive environments.
  • Social: These individuals enjoy helping others. They prefer to produce solutions to social and people problems and perform best in participative environments.


The concept behind the profile process is simple: make it easier for people to identify volunteer opportunities that match their passions and gifts in order to promote a more fulfilling experience and foster greater commitment to their volunteer role.

Here’s how it works:

  • Most volunteer centers post openings based on job title and service organization. Sometimes there is a category for an interest or passion, such as art or working with seniors, and a skill, such as reading, mentoring, cooking, etc. These categories are critical for helping people match passions and skills to volunteer opportunities.
  • The MCVC encourages non-profits to include in their volunteer postings the gift categories outlined above that are most relevant to each position. Gifts are different from skills because they describe an approach to being and not just a task. MCVC volunteer opening submission process will include passion, skill, and gift categories for posting positions.
  • Our partners indicate their volunteer positions’ preferred passions, skills, and gifts when submitting postings.
  • Prospective volunteers search postings not only by organization but by a preferred passion, skill, and gift to find their optimal placement.

It’s that easy!

The Mason City Volunteer Center will continue to motivate individuals to volunteer in the community as a way to promote well-being and fulfill their purpose. This is done through the work of the Mason City Volunteer Center and through the  Blue Zones Project® Personal Pledge.

In return for your participation in the Mason City Volunteer Center, you will receive promotion through MCVC and our partnering organizations.


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