Craig Clark

Craig Clark has been a constant help to the community when it comes to lending a helping hand a minute’s notice. Volunteering at several organizations, including Mason City Blue Zones Project and Mason City Youth Bike Safety Partnership (CGCDPH, Mason City Schools, North Iowa SPIN, MCPD), Craig believes in the impact of safety education and the promotion of healthy lifestyles to the next generations of our community. Craig is well respected by his peers, and can easily acquire additional volunteers when he requests support. He’s also always available at a minute’s notice himself, making him an invaluable asset to the projects with which he’s involved.

A testament of Craig’s dedication from Kelli Gerdes, Health Promotion Manager at Cerro Gordo County Public Health: “While I had noticed Craig at several community events over the years, it wasn’t until local partners initiated a local Youth Bike Safety Rodeo, that I had the opportunity to meet him and see truly how generous he is with his time and talents in volunteering. Over the last three years, Craig can be counted on to take charge and lead the mapping of our Bike Rodeo skills course. This year, Craig was also provided his expertise in bicycle maintenance as he graciously spent an afternoon helping assemble bicycles for Mason City youth, fine-tuning the tires, brakes, and chains. While working with him that afternoon, he was truly an inspiration to myself and the other volunteers. While many residents view retirement as a time to wind down and reduce their work loads, Craig exemplifies that keeping busy, giving back and passing on knowledge to the younger generations keeps the body and brain healthy and growing. May all who come in contact with Craig through his many volunteer efforts come away with the same fortitude to give back to their communities and stay active as I did from my time with him.”

Craig recently told Kelli, “the moment you stop ‘doing’ you stop growing” – and we couldn’t agree more! Craig loves the opportunity to introduce the younger generations to healthy lifestyles (running, swimming, biking), so he volunteers for many community events supporting healthy behaviors. We are thankful for Craig’s volunteer efforts in Mason City, and his impact on the health of our community. Thank you, Craig!



Craig has been a volunteer with Blue Zones Project since 2012. He has been involved with the Community Policy Committee, the Activating Mason City Steering Committee, and a supporter of the Active Living and Transportation Commission.